Meet Yann Sommer’s Girlfriend Alina


Meet the lovely Alina; she is the current girlfriend of Swiss soccer player Yann Sommer. Yann is the  6’0″ goalkeeper for Borussia Monchengladbach and the Switzerland National team. Yann joined the national team in 2012, two years later he signed with Borussia, he previously played for FC Basel U-21, Grasshopper, and  FC Vaduz.

The son of Monika and Daniel Sommer was born in Morges, Switzerland on December 17, 1988. He was 8 when he joined the Swiss club FC Herrliberg in 1996. The following year he joined Concordia and subsequently FC Basel in 2003.


About Yann’s beautiful lady Alina, there isn’t much out there unfortunately thus far we know that she is 26, from Cologne. She is about to graduate from Law School and met Sommer a year ago, they started dating a few months ago.