Patricia Gonzalez Villa is David El Guaj Villa’s Wife



FC Barcelona all star soccer player David Villa, one of the most recognized players on the team is married to his long time love Patricia Gonzales now Villa. The couple have a beautiful family together and since he is super famous many ask about his personal life off the field.


And talking about his personal life is talking about his beautiful wife Patricia; she was born 1982, La Felguera, Langreo Spain. They have been dating since 1998, they actually grew up together in Asturian, Spain so they have been childhood sweethearts!


The couple that has managed to stay strong over the years tied the knot on July 2nd, 2003 when they were only 21! And have three children together to complete the perfect portrait!

They became parents for the firs time on December 7, 2005; Patricia gave birth to a baby girl and the couple named her Zaida. Then on august 18th, 2009 welcomed their second baby! Another baby girl named Olaya. And last but not least the footballer and Patricia became parents for the third time recently, welcoming their baby boy, Luca on February 29th, 2013

See the picture where girls are wearing soccer uniforms? Well although you might be thinking its all his idea it turns out to be this is a family very knowledgeable on the sport! Father a world famous soccer player and mom also knows a thing or two about it!


Gonzales used to be a herself at the school of Santo Tomas at La Falguera, her hubby says

She likes it [football]. It’s important, but not vital, for someone who’s always watching football because it ends up helping you. She played football until she was 17. She doesn’t watch all the games, but she likes it. She played as a defender. I didn’t see her play a lot, but from what she’s told me, she was good.

They sure compliment each other, maybe that is one of the couple’s secrets to stay together!


The couple is good friends with Fernando Torres and his wife Olalla; they are so close their second child Olaya was named after her.


In the meantime “El Guaje” as he is know has officially opened inscriptions to his VI camp where kids can participate and share experiences with the payer! The event will be held from July 7th till the 13th.