Hayet Kebir- Abidal- Eric Abidal’s Wife

Tito Vilanova’s team will greet back the suspended Adriano for the second match, as Carles Puyol could be accessible again after injury and Eric Abidal is back in contention following his extraordinary recuperation from a liver transplant…. Let’s see if we can get a glimpse of his gorgeous wife: Hayet Kebir.

Algerian beauty Hayet Kebir Abidal had her daughter with the French soccer player out of wedlock. Not something weird on the Western, but indeed awkward in the Far East…

Hayet’s husband plays for Barcelona FC and France National Team. The pair met when kids, in the neighborhood of Lyon, where both grew up.

Hayet pretty much understands her husband since she was a former athlete, herself! She is a gymnastics champion! Beauty and charm… a classic beauty pageant.

Though they met when children, they started dating when he was playing in Monaco. They got married in July of 2007. Hayet and Éric have three daughters: Meliana, born in 2004 and Camellia, born in 2006 and the last of the girls was born in 2009.

Since Hayet is Muslim, Eric Sylvain became Muslim too, so they could get married. She is a strong wife; she was with her man, when things started to be rough. His liver tumor, and his further surgery for a transplant was a big thing that proved their true love.

We recall those days when she announced on her FB:

Hi Everybody, I’m Hayet Abidal, Eric’s wife. I’m writing you, today, on his facebook page, on his request.

Eric and his cousin Gerard (the donor) have indeed been operated yesterday in Barcelona and for the moment, everything is ok!

He really wants to thank all of you for your messages, your support and all the strength you give him! Thanks a lot.

Hayet’s FB here: