Simone Dettendorfer- Borussia Dortmund Sven Bender’s Girlfriend!


Simone Dettendorfer, German gal, seems to be the life of the party, if you know what I mean, she is all about having some good times and have fun!! We see her always very nicely dress either with her man, soccer player Sven Bender or with a large glass of beer! She is such a classy lady!

simone dettendorfer facebook2

Pinsimone dettendorfer facebook3

With those images it would never occur to you that she is a banker; she is just a very pretty, very fun, very stylish one!

simone dettendorfer facebook5Pin

It seems Blond Simone sometimes gets a little too tipsy! She might have confused boyfriend, defensive midfielder Sven. You know in the heat of the moment anything can happen, we hear you girl!

You can see more pictures of her here.