Stacey Flounders Adam Johnson’s girlfriend

Stacey Flounders

Meet Stacey Flounders she is the girlfriend of  Adam Johnson, the British soccer player who is currently a winger player for Sunderland AFC. Ms. Flounders has remained by her man when he was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl and charged with three counts of sexual activity with a minor and one count of grooming. He initially denied all four charges against him, but later pleaded guilty to two of the four charges against him. I wonder if Stacey Flounders will remained by his side or not. Do you think she should dump him?

Stacey Flounders stood by her father in-law’s side when her boyfriend and baby daddy pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a minos and one count of grooming, two of the four charges he is facing. His statement could have come as a shock to her or maybe not, probably she has been mentally preparing to hear this ever since Adam was arrested last March.


According to reports Stacey’s and Adam’s home was raided after he was accused of being intimate with a teenager. Police found a legally-owned loaded gun during their search of the property. He was released after posting bail.

imageimageStacey FloundersimageStacey FloundersStacey Flounders

24-year-old Stacey Flounders is from Hartlepool in the north of England, she and her man currently reside in County Durham. She has been described as a lay back gal and not really interested in being under the spotlight.

As if things weren’t looking a bit complicated for pretty 25-year-old Stacey, the couple recently became parents, of an adorable baby girl named Ayla Sofia. According to her Facebook page, she gave birth on January 24, posting the picture below of their newborn baby girl.

Stacey FloundersStacey Flounders

It is not exactly known how the couple met, but their relationship is pretty serious and solid. Her man has been suspended according to a Sunderland AFC spokesman, pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Stacey FloundersStacey FloundersStacey FloundersStacey Flounders

Stacey and Johnson seemed like they were a step away from getting married, they share a home together and have a child but with his recent scandal who knows what will happen, what would you do if you were Stacey? Specially now that he admitted kissing and touching up a 15-year-old girl on January 2015, Johnson and the unnamed victim met twice at two locations in County Durham.

You can find Stacey on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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