Thibault Hutin- Tennis Star Martina Hingis’ Husband


Frenchman, go figure Thibault Hutin – is claiming he was beaten by his former tennis phenom wife Martina Hingis and her mommy and apparently the rumors are true!

The husband of the former Swiss tennis champion, Martina Hingis, claims he had to flee to France to escape his estranged wife and her mother, saying they assaulted him, tried to steal his car and threatened by text message to ‘set the Russians on him’. A little extreme huh!

About a year ago, Hutin and wife enjoyed a “little sightseeing in Almaty”


Thibault Hutin, 27, a French equestrian, said that 32-year-old Hingis and her mother, Melanie Molitor, beat him and scratched during a dispute at their apartment in the Swiss village of Feusisberg.Hutin, who has yet to finalize his divorce with the tennis player, said Hingis had made off with his passport and credit cards when he fled the apartment.

Martina Hingis With Husband Thibault Hutin

Hutin and Martina started dating in 2010, when he was 24 and she was 30-years-old. That same year she had announced her engagement to Swiss lawyer Andreas Bieri but broke it off a month later, luckily for Thibault?

Could it be the source to their issues is that they tied the knot only weeks after Hingis confirmed their relationship! She even said at the time

“Our wedding came as a surprise for many, but it has been in planning long in advance,”

The French showjumper said “I Do” to Martina on December 10, 2010 at city Hall in Neuilly-sur-Seine in Paris in the presence of close family. Thibault had met his future wife just months before in St. Tropez in April 2010 during an equestrian competition. They offered a small reception at the Presidential Suite of Paris’s Hotel George V and honeymoon at the Malvines.

But the happy days and what his wife once claimed their relationship to be “so right” is long gone, Hutin also says he was attacked by Mario Widmer who is the long time boyfriend of Hingis’ mother and who was also Hutin’s best man!

The six year younger hubby has also said Martina has cheated several times on him and he is the one being physically punished?? Not saying she should but their relationship has been plagued with rumors and scandals so maybe separation is the best in this case.

Think they will ever make amends?

See more pictures of the estranged couple here.


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