G.H. Nam LPGA Golfer Inbee Park’s Boyfriend

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Park, who got engaged to G.H. Nam last summer, now travels with her fiancé who’s also her coach, but no wedding date has been set. Gi Hyeob Nam is Inbee Park’s coach and fiancé, and she credits him with a lot of her success.

Park’s sphinx-like features doesn’t disclose anything, but that doesn’t indicate there is zero there to be revealed. For example, we can draw together Park is a bit of a passionate. She credits a lot of her accomplishment to being happy with fiancé Gi Hyeob Nam, both personally and professionally; they’ve been together about five years, and he became her coach in 2011.

Do you recall when they were seen so happy jumping into Poppie’s Pond with Nam Gi-hyeob, after winning the Kraft Nabisco in Rancho Mirage, California, this year?

Park was born in South Korea, but has been in the United States for a long time now, actually attending high school in Las Vegas and briefly attending UNLV previous to becoming pro. She lives in Murrieta.

She doesn’t in fact have her own flat except when she’s in the U.S. for a long time she’ll stay in Murrieta with Gihyeob Nam.

Park has credited her fiancé, Nam, with advising her on her swing. There could be some room for conflict there; if his recommendation becomes less supportive, does she fire him as coach but keep him as fiancé?

She commented on this point:

Well, he’s actually doing a good job on both sides, so we’ve never really had problems.

Surely, there is synchronization in the Park camp.

Gihyeob Nam, is also a professional golfer.

She added:

He’s been looking at my swing for a long time, but he didn’t really want to touch it. We sometimes share our thoughts on swings and stuff, but he didn’t go into my swing too seriously.

I was really struggling hitting , so I said to him ‘Can you help me?’ and he decided to help.

Nam also started traveling with Park, so the quick turn may have had as much to do with that as Nam’s work on Park’s swing.

Park said:

Especially traveling with somebody that’s totally on my side, that really helped me, especially in this kind of lifestyle. It’s tough. You get really lonely when you travel nine, 10 months a year. So that’s been helping me a lot mentally that he’s always there for me and somebody’s always by my side.

That gave me comfort and gave me a lot of confidence.

See Nam’s FB here.