Jacqueline Pitino is Louisville cardinals coach Rick Pitino’s daughter

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Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino spoke Monday about the position of injured guard Kevin Ware on a con call with the four coaches whose teams will be competing in the Final Four this week. Coach Pitino a legendary coach with years of experience has hundred of  fans, but it is his beloved family whose are his most loyal supporters, since we already discussed Coach Pitino’s wife  Joanne, would you like to hear about his stunning daughter Jacqueline Pitino?

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 Photogenic Jacquie Pitino could even be a model, she is stunning!!

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Rick Pitino and his loving wife Joanne Pitino formerly Joanne Minardi have been married for nearly two decades, they have been thru rough patches, but their family has kept them together and built a stronger bond between them, besides his wife coach Pitino has another lady that made him heart beat faster, we are talking about his amazing daughter Jacqueline, his only daughter and princess even if she is all grown up.

Jacqueline older brother are Christopher 32, Michael 35 and Richard 30, and I think her handsome brother Ryan is her youngest sibling. All of Jacqueline’s older brothers are married and have blessed her life with her cute nieces and nephews.

Ms. Pitino a junior in education major at the College of Charleston  is not single though her boyfriend is Ryan Barnett a St. Xavier High graduate and currently a student at the University of Kentucky.

You can visit Jacqueline Pitino’s Facebook profile here and follow her on Twitter here