Jennilyn DeJesus: NFL player Doug Baldwin’s girlfriend

Doug Baldwin Girlfriend Jennilyn DeJesus

Meet Jennilyn DeJesus, she is the  girlfriend of the amazing Doug Baldwin the NFL wide receiver with the Seattle Seahawks, it turns out that Baldwin is not the only football player, and his girl Jennilyn was a player with the LFL.

WR for the Seattle Seahawks, handsome 25-year-old Doug Baldwin Jr. is coming off his first 100-yard performance since Oct. 9, 2011. Baldwin’s 106-yard effort against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game came as a surprise to everyone, and it has Seattle fans hoping it wasn’t just a fluke. So what or who could have been the reason for his latest performance??


With the Seahawks offense struggling as of late, it is going to be key for Baldwin to be able to step up again come Super Bowl Sunday. Russell Wilson is not graced with the targets that his opponent, Peyton Manning, is lucky enough to have, which is exactly why Baldwin must step up.

Baldwin showed what he can do in his performance over the 49ers and will look to follow up with a similar effort this week. If Wilson and Baldwin can connect as effectively as they did last week, Seattle will be in great shape for this game.

However, if Baldwin does not show up, the Seahawks will be in serious trouble. If Baldwin does not get involved in the offense, Seattle will struggle to move the ball outside of the production from Lynch.


Baldwin has just two 100-yard games in his career, regular or post season, but his confidence is going to be at an all-time high heading into the Super Bowl. It is going to be the biggest game of every single player on the Seahawks’ lives, so the question is: Who will shine? But most importantly –as it is the topic of our post- who will help Doug come through?

Perhaps the lovely lady in his life? Another big outing from Doug Baldwin will spell doom for the Broncos and have Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks holding up the Lombardi Trophy.


No more speculations girls, Doug Baldwin’s girlfriend is Jennilyn DeJesus.

Jennilyn DeJesus  Doug Baldwin girlfriend_picture

The lovely Jennilyn DeJesus from San Diego comes from an African American, Asian and Filipino family. Jennilyn DeJesus is a former Lingerie football League player with the San Diego Seduction, where  as a linebacker player she wore the #7.

jennilyn-dejesus-lfl-san-diego-seductionjennilyn-dejesus-lfl-san-diego-seduction-pic jennilyn-dejesus-lfl-san-diego-seduction-picsLFL jennilyn-dejesus-san-diego

You can also find Doug on Facebook here, Twitter here.

Jennilyn DeJesus  Doug Baldwin girlfriend_pic Jennilyn DeJesus  Doug Baldwin girlfriend_picsJennilyn DeJesus  Doug Baldwin girlfriend-photo Jennilyn DeJesus  Doug Baldwin girlfriend-photos

And His pretty girlfriend Jennilyn on Twitter here


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