Kristen Hardy- Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader (PHOTOS)

Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Kristen Hardy was rushed to the hospital last night after suffering a head injury while making a high kick routine that went wrong.

Kristen Hardy, from Houston, Texas, cheers alongside her twin sister Kirsten in the team. She was performing between the third and fourth quarters of the game against the Dallas Mavericks at the Phillips Arena.

The accident was caught on video as she did an energetic high kick when she awkwardly slips and twists hitting her forehead on the court. She stood motionless for a while, and members of the NBA team’s cheering squad rushed to her side, including her twin who was also performing. She was taken off court in a stretcher by paramedics and rushed to the hospital.

Kristen has been released from Atlanta Medical Center. She wrote on Twitter:

kristen tweet

The game was briefly delayed, and the Hawks ended up losing 113 to 127.

Twin sisters Kristen and Kirsten Hardy were born on June 8th, in the Sterling neighborhood of Houston. They have been in NBA Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders since 2011, and prior to that they were in AHL Houston Aeros Aerodynamics, from 2010 to 2011. They both studied physical fitness at Houston University. Kristen majored in Early Childhood Education and is a pre-Kindergarten teacher, according to the team website.

The Hardy sisters have previously promoted themselves as singers and actresses who want to release a fitness video.

Here are some curious facts we didn’t know about Kristen:

– She is obsessed with Oatmeal Creme Pies.

– She is a Twilight Saga fanatic.

– At age 6, she told everyone she was going to marry Michael Jackson.

– She has a lucky pair of socks that she wears for every Hawks game.

– “My twin sister and I can read each other’s minds”, she said.

– She is highly allergic to almonds but loves salted peanuts!

– She has an alter ego that comes out when she dances. Kristen calls her “Kristina”.

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