Michelle Moyer- Rodman is NBA Dennis Rodman’s Ex-wife (PHOTOS)


Could the life of the former Chicago Bulls star be any more bizarre?? Now the former athlete is not only up to his neck in debt and we all know about his outrageous lifestyle choices but now he can not even see his children without the presence of cops!!! That is just plain pathetic.

The retired American Hall of Fame pro basketball player divorce to Michelle  Moyer has finally been settled and they are now just two single people. After almost 10 years of being legally hitched and separated since 2005 seems this couple was doomed from the beginning!

They went their separate ways due to the ex-NBA star’s over excessive drinking and hard-partying. On an episode of the Dr. Phil show, Moyer will reportedly offer to give her hubby another chance if he gives up the booze but in spite of the efforts seems everything went sour and their marriage was finally dissolved in April 2012.

The ballers lifestyle sure cause a lot of problems to ex- Michelle she claimed Dennis owes more than $500,000 for their son, D.J., and daughter, Trinity. According to her, Rodman hasn’t kept up with the $50,000 monthly payments. Michelle filed new papers in Orange County Superior Court alleging he failed to pay her rent twice since 2009, causing her to be removed from two apartments in less than two years!

They couple met  back in 1999. In 2003, Michelle and Denis married on his 42nd birthday looks like the ballers preference was always the voluptuous blonds; they have two children: a son, D.J. born in 2000, and a daughter, Trinity born in 2001.  The terms of the settlement were finalized just last month and Rodman is only permitted to see his children now 11 year old Trinity and 10 year old Dennis in the presence of a Sheriff!! How about that! What a blow to any parent! Not being enough the star listed as an “entertainer” owes $285k to the IRS and 250k judgment listed against him in Nevada!

But then again he is just getting what he gave in life right!! I wonder is he familiar with that old saying: “You reap what you sow”

In past issues with ex-Michelle there was several times where the he acted like a complete ! There was one time where she accused him of doing Jager shots during breakfast with son! Moyer should be even awarded for putting up with him in my opinion!

He clearly has some ! Rodman had even been in a previous relationship with first wife Annie Bakes with whom he also had a daughter named Alexis for whom Rodman owes $219k debt to the state of Florida for child support; that happy union lasted only a year and then came model Carmen Electra not been able to last for only a few months! Is the star perhaps too unstable to have a relationship?? Definitely the abusive life and full of excess life is passing the bill to the 51 year old!