Lacey Minchew – NFL Player Matt Flynn’s Wife


Lacey Minchew and Matt Flynn were both students at Louisiana State University when they met. He was a football player and she was a Golden Girl dancer there, and a former Miss Teen America 2002. Lacey, originally from Atlanta, graduated in 2007 with a degree in mass communications and journalism.

She and Matt had started dating in 2003, but after graduation, she went to on to become Miss Louisiana 2009, and from there to pursue an acting career. Matt went on to pro football.

They tried for a long distance relationship, but soon realized they were not happy if not together, so in January of 2012, they moved in together, and fell more in love than ever. In November of last year, Matt proposed to Lacey. They were married on June 22, 2013. How proud she must be of her hubby after last night’s game.

Matt’s pro career as a quarterback has led him many places. He first played for Green Bay, then Seattle. From there he went to Oakland and then Buffalo. Now he’s back with Green Bay, and after the game he had last night, Green Bay is pretty happy to have him on their side.

After being down at the end of the first half to Dallas, in the game played last night, he brought his team back with four touchdown passes to win 37-36! In Dallas! Neither Brett Favre nor Aaron Rodgers have won in Dallas. We hope that his winning ways continue through the end of the season and beyond!