Lee Fromm Jake Fromm’s Beautiful Mother

Lee Fromm

Meet Mrs. Lee Fromm; she is the loving and spectacular mother of college football player Jake Fromm, who is the quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs at the University of Georgia.
6’2″ Fromm was born on July 30, 1998, in Warner Robins, Georgia. He attended Houston County High School. Initially Jake committed to the University of Alabama, subsequently decided to commit to the University of Georgia; Jake is pursuing a major in finance.
Jake is as you probably know the eldest child of three children born to Emerson and Lee Fromm; their youngest kids are twins son Dylan a Tyler Fromm, a quarterback and wide receiver player (respectively) at Warner Robins High School.
Mrs. Fromm was born Julia Lee Haskins, on February 6, 1972; to Billi and Julianne Haskins, who we believe are also the proud parents of Lee’s siblings Billie Haskins Fleming, brother William Jr. and sister Laurie.
Mrs. Fromm is a registered nurse in Macon, Georgia; she works with Alzheimer and dementia patients.
You can find Mrs. Fromm on Twitter here