Nicholas Hammond Venus Williams’ New Millionaire Boyfriend

Nicholas Hammond

Meet Nicholas Hammond; the new boyfriend of American tennis player Venus Williams. Not only is Mr. Hammond utterly handsome, but he also is ridiculously wealthy.

According to the New York Daily News, Nicholas who Venus affectionately calls Nicky isn’t interesting in The World’s #2 female tennis player’s bank account, as he has his own packed with millions. Venus seems to be madly in love with Hammond, who was also her date for her sister’s November wedding.

“She likes that he’s very private,” according to our spy. We’re told that Venus affectionately calls her beau “Nicky” and she’s telling friends she’s “very happy.”

“He’s definitely not a fortune hunter,” we’re told. “She’s head over heels for him.”

The first thing you must know about 25-year-old Nicholas is that he is one of the four sons born to James Hammond and ex-wife Dana Ames Hammond, ages 78 and 60, respectively.

Secondly, is that his mum’s grandmother was one of the sisters of Walter Annenberg, owner of Triangle Publications, which owns TV Guide, Seventeen Magazine, Philadelphia Enquirer, Philadephia Daily News, Stardom, Good Food Magazine, Click, and the Daily Racing.

Nicky has three older brothers, Jonathan, 28, Miles, 32; Oliver Hammond, 34, now married to Halle Reum (a celeb stylist). In addition to his brother, Nicholas has a younger sister from his mom’s second marriage to South African neurologist Patrick Stubgen; his dad has also remarried, to Sharon Sondes.

Furthermore, Nicholas R. Hammond Annenberg was born on March 31, 1992; he attended Trinity School and New York University and lives in NY. Several years ago, Nicky Hammond dated Dartmouth graduate Jessica Wolf.