Nicole Horrex- PGA Golfer Sergio Garcia’s Girlfriend


Meet pretty Nicole Horrex, she is the beautiful girl dating Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia who recently became the center of media attention and critics, not because of hi game, but because he pulled out a racially-charged “fried chicken” slur at Tiger Woods, which might cost him his place on the next championship meaning we might not be seeing his pretty senorita by his side.

33- year-old Spanish PGA golfer Sergio Garcia has been surrounded by beautiful women for years, long ago before  Ms. Horrex came along,, few people know that Garcia once dated tennis player Martina Hingis, it was also rumored that he and actress Jessica Alba briefly dated too.

But we know for sure who was the girl that felt him heart broken, we are talking about Greg Norman’s daughter Jordan Leigh Norman, she is the girl who Garcia blamed for his  falling from grace in the golf course when they broke up on March, 2010.

A few months after that our girl Nicole Horrex came to the rescue, because she is the  girl who people close to Sergio give credit for getting back on his feet  in and outside the course.

Little there is  for us to know about Garcia’s pretty gal Nicole, we all know that she and the golfer have been dating since 2011, she is Welsh and that she works as Manager at Price Waterhouse Management Consultants.