Photos: Daniella Semaan is Cesc Fabregas’ New Girlfriend (Video)

Cesc Fabregas Daniella SemaanPin

Meet Daniella Semaan, this beautiful brunette is Cesc Fabregas’ girlfriend and even though his ex Carla was very loved in Barcelona, Daniella is find her way in the heart of Barcelona fans all over, Want to know more about Ms. Semaan?

Daniella Semaan Biography.-


Name: Daniella Semaan

Place Of birth: Lebanon

Age: 37

Marital status: Divorced (Elie Joseph Taktouk)

Children: 2, Maria Taktouk (b. 2001) Joseph Taktouk (b. 2004), Lia Fabregas Semaann (B. April 10, 2013) with Cesc Fabregas

Daniela Semaan pregnant photoPin Daniela Semaan pregnant picPin Lia Fabregas Semaan Cesc Fabregas daughterPin Lia Fabregas Semaan Cesc Fabregas daughter picPin

Close friends: Antonella Roccuzzo (Lionel Messi’s GF)

Dating: Cesc Fabregas (June, 2011)