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Juli Boeheim JimJuli Boeheim

Juli Boeheim‘s hubby Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim was talking on Wednesday regarding how he feels at the conclusion of each basketball season.

He said,

I hope it lasts forever. Because when it’s over, I have to go to Disney World. I mean I can’t believe it. I can’t even go and play golf anymore.


Boeheim may have to explain that remark to his wife Juli and their three children, look onward to going to Disney World. But chances are they’ll excuse him because they know that this is simply who he is: the Happiest Place on Earth is just by no means going to be Jim Boeheim’s approach.

He has won 918 games in 37 years as Syracuse’s basketball coach, making him the second-winningest coach in men’s college basketball history. He’s won a national championship and been to three Final Fours. This is his 17th trip to the Sweet 16. And yet he is being totally truthful when he says that very little of it has been enjoyable.

He said,

Coaching is not fun “Going to dinner is fun. Playing golf is fun. Coaching isn’t fun. I don’t know anyone who says coaching is fun and means it. Winningis fun. I think that’s what players will tell you, too. That part is fun. The rest of it is work.

Juli Boeheim Syracuse pic

Nothing has slowed Boeheim down or made him think maybe it’s occasion to step down.

He said,

Never crossed my mind. I mean never. I guess I’m the kind of guy who if you put more obstacles in front of me it makes me want to do something more. I came to Syracuse as a walk-on basketball player. People said I wasn’t good enough to play for Syracuse and I did. When I got the coaching job a lot of people didn’t think I’d be any good as a coach. I think I’ve been pretty good at it.


Most players don’t stop playing until someone tells them they have to stop. I do still like the challenge. It’s like in golf if you shoot 70 one day you want to come back and see if you can do it again the next day — or shoot 69. I want to see if I can shoot that 70 again each season.


Coaches who get out relatively young almost always regret it. I know Dean Smith regretted it. Dick Bennett [who took Wisconsin to the 2000 Final Four but then resigned three games into the next season] regretted it. Look at the guys who quit and then come back. I think Gary Williams [a close friend of Boeheim’s] would come back in a minute if he didn’t have to go through what you go through in recruiting now.

Juli Boeheim picture

He is all positive due to his sexy, loyal fan watching closely, praying for an orange marvel. After her husband was inducted into theBasketball Hall of Fame in September of 2005, Juli Boeheim unquestionably had fairly the large smile on her face, tears rolling down it.

Now, she can happily enjoy Jim’s regular efforts to control the yearly insanity that comes in March.

A worry-free atmosphere in Syracuse these days.

As he and Juli do have three kids (James and twins Jack and Jamie), Jim Boeheim also has a daughter from an earlier marriage (Elizabeth).

Juli Boeheim is beginning to gather extra interest for her sexy loom. She’s obviously yearning for her own time in the focus.

You can check more on her, here.

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