Kimberly Harris is Jacoby Jones’ Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Jacoby Jones girlfriend 2013


Jacoby Jones girlfriend 2013

The Baltimore Ravens and Jacoby Jones gave their fans one hell of a show at the SuperBowl XLVII, we heard his mother, son and longtime girlfriend were watching the game from the stands, we wonder if Jacoby’s girlfriend is some girl called Alexis?? someone said that is her name, or isn’t? and the answer to that is no, Jacoby’s longtime girlfriend, the same girl with Mrs.  London Jones, the proud momma of Jones’ adorable son Jacobi Jr, is not some girl named Alexis but Kimberly, she was cheering for him on Dancing with the Stars with her son and mom- in-law and it was Kimberly herself who told us,  her name and we are so thakful for that, how can’t anyone not be glad t finally put a name to this  gorgeous face, I’m telling you she is a stunner!! Jacobi you are way too lucky!!!

Let’s check some of this amazing athlete and funny guy’s info..

28-year-old Jacoby Jones from New Orleans was the 73rd pick by the Houston Texans during the third round at the 2007 NFL Draft, he was released  by the Texans last May 1st and 7 days later he was signing a a two-year, $7 million deal  with Baltimore.

Kimberly Harris Jacoby Jones Girlfriend baby mama pic Kimberly Harris Jacoby Jones Girlfriend baby mama Kimberly Harris Jacoby Jones Girlfriend baby mama

Jacoby’s personal life has been surrounded with challenges, since his father walked out of his life at the age of 18-months, his mother Emily  has been his pillar of strength, it was because of his father’s absence that Jacoby committed to be the best father he could be when he found his longtime girlfriend, our girl Kimberly Harris was pregnant.

 Jacoby Jones son Jacoby Jones Jr

Kim Harris gave birth to her son Jacoby Jr. last year, they communicate via Facetime and Skype all the time, but they were at the Superbowl, little Jacoby wore a little pair of headphones very similar to the ones Drew Brees’ son Baylen wore when the Saints won the SuperBowl; and the proud mommas Mrs. Emily and Ms. Harris wore their Raves’ jerseys and they looked Phenomenal!!! (check them out, from left to right Jacoby’s GF Kimberly with her son in her arms, Jacoby’s momma and sister).

Kimberly Harris  Jacoby Jones girlfriend pic

Jacobi Jones’ beautiful lady, and our very spacial NFL WAG Kimberly Harris was born in Houston, Texas. She studied at Northshore High School in Houston and  then attended at Prairie View A&M University.  We are definitely looking forward to hear more from hear and to see her more often!! Would you like to share something about Jacoby and/ or his GF Kim Harris? You can do that in the comments box below!!

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  1. Nikole says

    Yes her name is Kimberly Harris bu she IS NOT JACOBY’S GIRLFRIEND AND this story has some holes in it. It obvious that she supplied the info for this article and judging by the pictures she supplied them from her facebook and instagram. Funny how Jacoby nor his mom filled in any blanks. Everybody from Houson that knows the real Kim isn’t surprised that she was waiting to get her name in the media. She attended Prarieview but left after getting pregnant. yes she failed to mention she has a son Zafir Jr who will be 4 years old on May 11th. He was actually behind her in the DWTS audience ( the kid with all the hair who peeked in between the seats) but she neer even looked at him and it seems like she tried to keep em in the background so she would not have to explain how she could be Jacoby’s long term girlfriend with a almost 4 year old son. and before she comes on here with more lies…she was still with the other baby’s dad less than a year before she was pregnant with Jacoby’s baby. do some background reasearch on her and you’d be surprised on what you find out…..and btw…has Jacoby ever claimed her publicly?? she is the only one monitoring all the media sites looking to get her name out there. She ought to feel stupid cause he didn’t even look at her or recognize her publicly at the show . I think he is a good dude and it is clear he loves his mom and his son. and…..I am sayin’ she’s a gold digger…just hope he uses his head and dont let her take him for his money.

    • Kierra says

      Woowww. Do you really not have a life nikole.. let me just first start off by saying, you must be jealous or have a lot of hate in your heart towards her. If you want to get on here talking shit about somebody just to make your self feel better, than the least you can do is state FACTS! Yes she has a son named zafier and anyone who knows her, knows that he is her world, he was trying to get onto the stage which is why he was behind the chair dumb ass! She would never hide him, and so what she left PV. She did it so that she could provide for her child and give him the world, and let me tell you he has never had to go without,ohh but she’s a bad mom right?? On another note yes jacoby has money, and yes he offers her things but she hardly accepts half of it and is still a hard working woman making her OWN money, so does that make her a gold digger?? Ill wait?? Media asked for her pictures because THEY wanted to know who she was, they went digging for things, she didn’t supply them. She never wanted to be out in the media with everybody in her business which is why her and her son Jacoby jr. Stayed behind the scenes and were always so low key!! She was done with her other baby father for a long period of time when she started to get serious with Jacoby, so don’t you dare fix your lips to get on here and try to bash her name like she is a horrible person! Talk what you know sweet heart. She is a damn good mother to both of her sons, shes a hard working, and loving person that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it! she has worked for everything she has and she deserves it all!! so for you to sit on this social network and try to convince others to think she is a bad person, only shows one thing… You’re jealous, you envy her, or either you just don’t like her so you want the world to not do so as well! You are a sad case! May god bless you and your pathetic life.. Now you can take several seats because you my friend will always be a non factor!! Get your life together.

    • Kierra says

      And another thing, Jacoby knows her whole life background but yet, he’s still there for her and wants to be in her and his sons life, so if he is okay with her past why are you so worried about it?? It’s funny how you can sit here and say all this negative stuff about her , but then say Jacoby is such a good person when you probably have never even met this man to speak on it!! Go somewhere else with your nonsense!

    • Move on says

      Wow you sure know a lot not to be a family member I assume, but what ever the case may be its not your life, your man or anything else. He’s a grown man and its his life, who cares, this is there life and it should be left at that. That’s the worlds problem everybody in everybody’s business. If you don’t like something turn the page or channel and keep it moving. People are going to live there life as they see fit. Who cares who she is what her life use to be she grown to its nobody business. Nikole get a life it’s not that serious.

  2. mica says

    Well she is a beautiful lady! And her son is so cute! Who cares if they not together! She could do much better! So Kim do your thang!

  3. Nikole says

    LMMFAO!!! I love how you dizzy chickens run all over the website defending lies. I know what I know cause, she always running her mouth bragging about what J has bought for her so dont get pissed cause people repeat it. Just like she came on here to make sure someone finally knew her name. He should do for his seed so whatever she gets for the baby is good . just hope he keeps his eyes open. Funny though .all that garbage you talk then end your comments with god . I love getiin you to show your ignorance (KIMBERLY). No matter what you say a lot of people know the truth and know how you ( OH I MEAN KIMBERLY) was bragging about messing with Jacoby back in is Texan days and still dealing with yo other baby daddy until that belly got big. You can only envy or be jealous when someone has something you want. Nothing she (YOU) has is worth wanting, most real women would appreciate a man with paper but being with someone who wants you and shows it publicly is worth a whole lot more. All that hot air you are blowing out to defend her (YOURSELF) is not neccessary. Its not going to change the truth. dont waste your time responding cause I’m moving to a new site…I’ll wait for you to find it then we can argue some more..LMMFAO…..

    • Kierra says

      First off, no need to lie about who this is…. It’s Kierra just as it was stated before. It’s such a shame, yet quite entertaining, to see someone who probably smiles in her face be this Bold and outspoken on the Internet. May god bless your miserable soul. You must be trying to get in the spotlight too since you feel the need to jump around from web site to website trying to share your little messy rumors. No one cares about you 2 cents honey, as if you didn’t notice everyone that post something about her has nothing but good to say about her except for you, which just goes to show once AGAIN your just another silly girl who has to hate on the next person. See that’s the problem with Women these days, instead of praising other women for all the good they have done, and for all the good things they have accomplished.. They always look for negative things to put them down, hoping it will make them look better. Well in my eyes you look like the miserable person, that I’m sure you are. It’s women like you that give us all a bad name. Now grow up and worry about yourself instead of others

  4. Da Nikster says

    To “Nikole” how do you claim to not be jealous but yet this situation has nothing to do with you and you’re trying to give Kim a bad name.?! Like Lil Kierra said you’re a nonfactor and you’re trying to get your name put out there. Let’s just put it like this..Karma is B****.! So whatever pleasure you’re getting out of bashing Kim’s’re going to be miserable 10x worse. Clearly Jacoby knows she has another son and if he is willing to accept Lil ZJ WTH do you care.?! For you to “know” so much about Kimmie you clearly are only hearing one side of the story. I bet you won’t say none of this ish in her face or mines or Kierra’s.! Talk is cheap move around with the negativity. Kim works and makes her money, but if her MAN wants to shower her with gifts then who are you to say she’s a GOLD DIGGER. Talk what you know not what you think you know. & have the nerve to say do your research when clearly you didn’t do yours. Are you Jacoby’s babymama.?! Clearly you’re not.! Do you wish you were in her high heels that wasn’t purchased from rainbow.?! Hellz Yeah.! So therefore, you have nothing to gain but you’re 10 min of fake fame and your miserable little goal is to make her lose everything. Get off the gas and pump the brakes. Miss KIMBERLY with the BullS***.!

  5. I know both sides says

    Let me start by saying there is some truth in these stories…. Fact 1 her name is Kimberly Fact 2 weather or not he publicly announced her as his girlfriend all of his family and friends know you may not be aware because you may have been the next victim (he ‘s a man and if you want to give up your body he is more than willing to take it)and the FACT remains he loves Kim Very much Fact 3 she does has an older son and yes her and the father of this child has to communicate solely for the son Fact 4 Kim makes her own money and she often buy things for Coby just as he does for her Fact 5 Coby isn’t angel and neither is Kim but both has agreed to to let their pass be their pass Fact 6 it seems the young lady that spoke earlier is very Jealous of a Beautiful BLACK women with a professional athlete as significant other hummmm Jealous are we the answer to that YES now let Coby and Kim be weather they are together or not and or if he’s spending all his cash on her isn’t any of you business I think your more upset that it isn’t you! bTW I know who you are and your WAY to OLD for this stay our of your children affairs! #BAM

  6. watcher says

    i see her at her job every once in a while.I dont understand why shes working there unless shes broke. I was going to speak to her but her bitch friends warned me off saying shes jacobys girl an all that shit. She is pretty, but when i watched her mannerisms shes kinda ghetto and talks kinda like a thug too. She is pretty though a true looker something to look at.

  7. Kim (not Kim harris) says

    It’s sad how females get on these sites to put each other down and talk about such mindless stuff. Jacoby and his home boys would never stoop to such foolishness…..they take the Beyoncé’ oath……no comment, keep your mouth shut!

  8. he like Them red bones says

    Well lol Jacoby is home now for the offseason and getting it in with all his hoes no he not with kim but her sons are well taken care of! Good luck with jacoby hoe ass!!!!

  9. Kells says

    Well I heard he has a new chick. Seen them together on a date. She so cute and tiny next to him. So who knows. But they was pretty cozy. Drinking and laughing. He had his hands all over her.

  10. Chanel says

    I can care less who kim or Kimberly is lol Jacoby jones number 12 is a great player with a great personality… He’s attractive of course but more importantly he loves his career and does a awesome job at it!! Keep doing what you do best jones!!! #RAVENSNATION #BMORE !!!

  11. Tanya says

    omg,Nikole stop she is a sweet heart and i know her personally.what is the problem did you try to talk to him and he turned you down,,Kim is so sweet dont talk alot just smiled. Be supported of her thats the problem we knock each other down instead of supporting,,,now stop that get a life and talk positive


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