Who is Ed Reed’s Wife?


After the Ravens won this Super Bowl, we weren’t sure if Ed Reed, Lisa Raye’s hubbie would still play for the team…

ed reed's wife picture


When Ray Lewis announced his withdrawal, it did take away from Ed Reed and other players who hoped to sell on what could have been their once in a lifetime at a ring.

Lisa’s man pick placed him in particular companionship as it was the ninth of his career in postseason play, tying the NFL record which he now shares with Ronnie Lott, Bill Simpson and Charlie Waters. He currently has 70 interceptions in regular and postseason play, and is the fifth player in NFL history to reach that digit and the only one on the go. Raye’s hubbie insists that he isn’t finished yet but you bet if he’ll be back in Baltimore to carry on his stellar career. Probable destinations such as Indianapolis and New England are an authentic chance but who knows perhaps they work out a contract for him to finish out as a Raven.

Go Ravens!!! Ed helped the Ravens bring the trophy home. Ed got it all, fame, a championship, chick and good looks.

Raye’s husband is a special person, we can’t deny that. Gossips say he is a womanizer though… We didn’t confirm if indeed Lisa is his wife, we think she is his girlfriend.

Now that he has his career in the position he always dreamed of having, we don’t doubt that when this man decides to settle down, he will do. Lisa must be expecting a ring or who knows, maybe they are committed or even married in secret? don’t think so, he is a serious guy…

Ed, 34 years old, seems to be a private and classy man so Lisa must be a glamorous lady. We couldn’t find much info about her online so what we said above must be a fact. What do you think?