Lauren Bohlander Kanaan- Tony Kanaan’s Wife

Lauren Bohlander Kanaan bio


Lauren Bohlander Kanaan bio

IndyCar driver Tony Kanaan is a driver, spouse, dad and an ironman. He will make his 12th try at winning the Indianapolis 500 and the fans would love to see it occur. If performing makes perfect, Kanaan should hardly have a stain. Do you think his new wife Lauren Bohlander Kanaan or simply Lauren Kanaan would be watching from home??? No way Lauren would for sure be covering the tory just she has done hundred of times, did you know Tony’s new wife is a sports reporter?

But what about Kanaan’s first wife Daniele? when did that marriage went down the drain? I know I am going bananas on that one too, the thing is that Tony recently got married to Lauren Bohlander, tis is first time down the  aidsle for her and as we all know is the secomd for Tony, he was once married to Daniele Muniz Loiola, mother of his son Leo, so that marriage is over, Daniele and Leo live in Brazil.


 A little later we were introuced to Tony Kanaan’s new girlfriend Lauren Bohlander.

Lauren Bohlander Kanaan Biography.-

Lauren Bohlander Kanaan Tony Kanaan wife bio

31-year-old Lauren Janelle Bohlander a host, actress, and television reporter from Florida graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Arts & Sciences from DePauw University.

As a reporter Lauren Kanaan  has covered stories for FOX Sports, NBC and NBC Sports, Lingner Group Productions, Pacers Sports, Big Ten Network,  IMS Productions, Piranha Productions.

As we previously mentioned Tony Kanaan’s wife Lauren is also an actress having starred in several television series, t.v commercials and movies such as St. Vincent’s Hospital, Freedom in America, Project Red, Dasani Water, , Delphi Communications, Exploring Nature Plumbing, BMW/ iPod, News Today, From Me, For You.

Tony Kanaan Lauren Kanaan wedding picLauren Bohlander Kanaan Tony Kanaan weddingTony Kanaan Lauren Kanaan weddingLauren Bohlander Kanaan Tony Kanaan wedding picture  Tony Kanaan Lauren Kanaan harlem Shake wedding

Tony and Lauren got married on March 8th, 2013 after two years dating in Miami, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Follow Tony Kanaan wifey Lauren on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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  1. Crystal says

    You guys should know all the true about Lauren bohlander and what she did
    TK was married with Daniele mother of Leo ,his son,for almost 7 years.
    That girl lauren start to date TK ,when Leo was 1 years old.
    She used to work for IRL website, she is a bad bad girl , destroyed a beautiful family
    Was a really sad story
    Everybody in IRL hates her. All the wifes
    She already lose her job

    • Sandy says

      OMG!!!!!! Poor little Leo!
      And now she looks like a nice and perfect wife besides TK
      That’s why we don’t see her with others wife’s on the track

    • Just so you know... says

      You need to BTFO. I went to school with Lauren, and I happen to know she’s a really sweet girl. She and her brother are both very nice people and well-liked “IRL”. So I don’t know who you think you are, but spreading that bullshit is REALLY lame. Also – if Tony left his first wife for Lauren, then that’s on HIM. Last I checked, men are perfectly capable of making the decision to be faithful to their wives. If you want to be pissed off at someone, be pissed off at him, instead of spreading a bunch of bullshit about Lauren.

  2. Debbie says

    I am readying this and i am absolutely in shock
    Lauren bouhlander as like everybody knows in IRL done with tk weeding
    He was marriage with the most cute and gorgeous wife , when they start to date.
    Leo his son was very young ,almost 2 years old.
    Was a big crash to TK life’s when his ex wife went true the divorce.
    The wife’s in IRL ,nobody likes Lauren
    It’s a true guys
    Everybody knows that

  3. Brenda Morris says

    Such a b**** !!!!
    We remember TK wife when he used to drive for
    Such a nice couple!!!! He was fast as well!!!

  4. will says

    ^^^^to you 2 up here. marriages end every minute of every day. that is just the way life is. quit being a couple of henpecking gossipers and open your goddamn eyes a little. it takes two to tango and usually one person gets hurt in the deal. lauren could not simply come in here and break them up if tony was happy with danielle. it just wouldn’t happen. period. tony was looking for the door…maybe it was danielle. who knows? his son is well and taken care of and he and lauren AND danielle are in a much better place now than they were then . regardless of the pain of a breakup.

    • Amanda says

      I really agree with you,and in my opinion Daniella should be very happy in her contry with her son cause we never even saw her in pics with leo.
      Tk looks like still love Daniella ,cause you can feel how much love he has for that boy and he didnt assume his romance with bohlander right the way his divorce. Problably we was trying to get her back.

  5. Mary Janne louiis says

    In my opinion its so sad what happened with TK, as I remember after the divorce his carrer was almost done.
    Doesnt matter what happened ,boulander knew since the first beginning that he was marriage LADIES
    And more than this,his wife just had a son,and she was engaged too.
    Was a really durty broke up
    So sorry she cant be pose like respect wife

  6. Steve Ryan says

    I would like to date TK ex wife such intelligent girl got out from a player man took all his money cars lives in South America with her little bikini . Common guys she is the MAN !!!!

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