Alcides Escobar’s Wife Francys Escobar

MLB WAG Francys Escobar

Francis Escobar is the loving wife of Alcides Escobar the Venezuelan MLB shortstop player who currently plays with the Kansas City Royals. Would you like to meet Alcides’ wife Francys?

Francys Escobar’s MLB stud also known as El Mago (the Magicician) was born  in La Sabana, Venezuela on December 16, 1986. He was just 16 years old when he signed with the Brewers for $35,000 in 2003. He made his MLB debut in September, 2008. The Brewers named him starting shortstop in the 2010 season.

Escobar was traded to the Kansas City Royals  on December 18, 2010 along teammate Lorenzo Cain. Alcides signed a four-year deal worth $10 million with the Royals  in March, 2012. He was named the 2015 ALCS MVP.

Alcides Escobar's Wife Francys Escobar

PinAlcides Escobar's Wife Francys Escobar

Escobar’s wife is Francys Escobar born Francys Goncalves in Venezuela. Francis Escobar got married to Alcides  in 2013 in Venezuela, their adorable son Massimiliano was born in Miami, Florida in February, 2014.

Alcides Escobar Wife Francys EscobarPinAlcides Escobar Wife Francys Escobar

PinAlcides Escobar Wife Francys EscobarPin

This is Alcides’ second marriage, he was previously married to Leury Moreno.