Amy Hundley: MLB Catcher Nick Hundley’s Wife

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Nick Hundley is the MLB catcher with the Baltimore Orioles, a quite impressive player who gives his best on every game. His pretty wife Amy Hundley is however the  person of interest in this story. You  don’t want to miss it.

31-year-old Nick Hundley, and his brother Jake are the sons born to parents Pam and Tim Hundley in Corvallis, Oregon. Nick started playing baseball with the Santa Clarita Mudcats when he was just 12 years old and continued playing at Lake Washington High School.

The Florida selected Hundley in the 5th round of the 2002 MLB draft, But nicked opted to go to  college instead, so he went to the University of Arizona, where along the Arizona wildcats Hundley left his mark.

By 2005 The san Diego Padres selected him, and this time he  was certain his path was to shine in the field.

Hundley made his debut with the Padres in July, 2008, he was named their primary catcher in 2011, but then  the Padres traded Hundley and cash to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Troy Patton on May 24, 2014. The O’s have received Hundley with open arms and he has responded with amazing work!!


Nick Hundley’s wife is the lovely Amy Hundley, 30, who was once known as Amy Lucille Selzer. Amy met Nick  at the University of Arizona, they got married on December 12, 2009.

While Nick played with the Padres, he and Amy participated in various charities, in 2009 he and Amy attended a back-to-school shopping event fоr underprivileged children hosted bу a fоrmеr Padre, thе experience wаѕ wау tоо overwhelming tо dо it juѕt thаt year, ѕо hе аnd Amy continue to participate in the years that followed.

Nick Hundley wife Amy Hundley picturePinNick Hundley wife Amy Hundley picturesPinNick Hundley wife Amy Hundley photoPin

Mrs. Hundley аnd hеr fab MLB stud hosted thе “Shop with a Jock” event аt Target with thе hеlр оf teammates аnd members оf thе Junior Seau Foundation. Thеу рrоvidе a shopping spree fоr 90 high school students frоm Monarch School in San Diego.

Amy Hundley gave birth to their adorable daughter Allyson Lucille on August 15, 2013.