Angie Watson- Buba Watson’s Wife

One week there is BKB, next there is Football…now it is the chance for the elite sport: golf! We are all eager to see the performance of our favorite (maybe I speak for myself..) Bubba Watson! Well I didn’t like him at the beginning, due to that virus video that was spreading like hot bread through Internet! Later I did my research and learned to like this guy and his wife Angie Watson too.Well, lately there have been rumors about the Masters 2012 champ; he joined Oakley and Neoteric to create a hovercraft.

But Bubba is not only popular in his family. His wife, the uber tall Angie has her quite fame too….

Bubba Watson and his wife Angie adopted their first child when he was just one month old; the boy’s name is Caleb. Angie and Bubba adopted him on March 26-2012. He loves so much both of them. We recall when last year, during interviews after a tournament Bubba spoke with eyes welled up about thinking of his wife and his new child at home.

There is something curious or not so? About this couple. Bubba married the former Angie Ball who also happened to play in the WNBA.

Angie is originally from Canada where she grew up in a very religious family. Angie was a great basketball player in Canada and ultimately took her talents to the University of Georgia to play on the women’s basketball team. Although she did get an opportunity in the WNBA after a few stints overseas, her career was derailed by injury after injury. The 6’4″ Angie retired from basketball and would in the end became Bubba’s manager for some time.

The couple met while the two were in college at University of Georgia. Whereas the couple dated in college it wasn’t until 2004 that Bubba and Angie got married. In 2009 Angie and Bubba had a major health scare. Doctors found a tumor on Angie’s pituitary gland, but after going for a second opinion, the couple learned that it was benign and that Angie did not have cancer. Uff!!!! That must have been scary…. Reason why people should always visit another doctor when there is a diagnosis such as this!

Angie Watson’s Biography.

She was born Angela Ball on June 11th, 1977 in Toronto, Canada. Angie attended at Sir Oliver Mowat High School (SOMCI) and then at the University of Georgia where the 6’4″ played basketball, around Angie’s time in Georgia she met her soon to be hubby.

Angie was such a good player that she represented Canada at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia, and also in Italy and France. Angie had her dreams to play with the WNBA frustrated  right after she was just about to make them come true, she was drafted by the WNBA’s Charlotte Sting in 2001, but when she dislocated her left kneecap and suffered a tear to her medial collateral ligament, there was no turning back.

Like her husband Angie Watson is a devout Christian, she is one of the many amazing athletes with Christian Athletes association, she is also chief executive at the Bubba Watson Inc.

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