Rosalind Jacobs- Charl Schwartzel’s Wife

Don’t tell me the opposite, but we all love to sneak in the rich and famous private lives, right? Well… now it wouldn’t be crazy to want to find out more of the boys that are making their names in the sports during the last days…what about South African golfer Charl Schwartzel’s girlfriend? Are you sure he is going out with Rosalind Jacobs? It seems to be….

The 26 year-old golfer was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He started playing golf when he was still a kid, and all those hours after class practicing golf, payback since he became a pro at age of 18. He became popular in 2004 when he won The Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa, three years later he won the Open of Spain, a year after that he won the Madrid Masters, one year later he became the Africa Open’s 2010 champ. His successes were more since he also won the Joburg Open the same year… he also won the 2011 Masters too. !

No wonder, Rosalind put her eye on him, this girl really knows that when you put the eye on the good thing, gotta fight to have it and keep it!

As far as we know she is engaged with Charl. He proposed last January. Their dating story began in 2008. Her plans of wedding are for September 17th in Roodenport. They look good together. We can often see her when her fiancé is playing. She always poses on the pics with him.

Charl’s opinion on his relationship with Rosalind:

Timing is important in life and Rosalind and I have enjoyed two great years together. It was a difficult time for me after breaking up with my first girlfriend and it affected my golf for a while. But sometimes things happen for a reason and Rosalind has probably been the best thing that has happened to me.

Rosalind is not also a golf fan but she is also a player too. Her family practices golf and her dad and brother love to play it. Her dad is Brian Jacobs is a Meyerton teaching pro, her brother Shaun also teaches golf at Gavan Levenson’s Academy.