Anthony Edwards’ mother Yvette Edwards

Yvette Edwards

Have you met the lovely Mrs. Yvette Edwards? She is the amazing and caring mother of Anthony Edwards, the 6’4″ Atlanta, Georgia native known as Ant Man, is a shooting guard and a top prospect at the 2020 NBA draft.

Anthony started playing basketball at a very young age, he started to get the recruit’s attention ever since he played at Therrell High School and subsequently at Holy Spirit Prep.

He later played with the Georgia Bulldogs at the University of Georgia, where he planned to graduate with a major in marketing; however, Anthony decided to forgo college when he declared for the 2020 NBA draft.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, selected him in the first round, first overall during the 2020 NBA draft.

Anthony and his sister Antoinette and big brother Antoine who is in addition his legal guardian lost their beloved mother Yvette in 2015, Yvette as well as her mother Shirley lost their battle to ovarian cancer; Anthony was 14 years old and still in the eighth grade.

Yvette and Shirey died in an eight-month span, both on the fifth day of the month, which is the reason behind Anthony’s #5 on his jersey.