Astros GM Jeff Luhnow’s Wife Gina Luhnow

Gina Luhnow

Meet lovely Gina Luhnow, the wife of the Houston Astros general manager, Jeff Luhnow. Prior to joining the Astros, Mr. Luhnow worked in the scouting department for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Her husband is famed for his radical rebuild methods and his unorthodox front office hirings. He constantly finds time in his busy schedule to be available to the media; as well as smaller outlets like the Astros’ blog sites which have made him one of the more popular General Managers in baseball.

Gina LuhnowPin Gina LuhnowPin

Mrs. Luhnow, was born Gina Lauren Hagopian; she is a Los Angeles native and lived there till she and Jeff tied the knot on January 28, 2012. While final wedding preparations were still going on, Jeff dropped a major bomb to Gina and gave her the news that instead of moving to St. Louis they were heading to Houston!

She is the daughter of a successful businessman,  her parents have been married for over 50-years; her brother is a filmmaker.

Gina reveals during an interview they live close to the stadium, so she goes to many of the games to support her hubby. She says about her hubby’s job:

“the harder Jeff works, the more inclined I am to do everything possible to keep his personal life happy and calm”

Gina and Jeff have one son together; Henry Aldredge Luhnow born in September 2014. Gina is the stepmom of Jeff’s two other children Elizabeth and Jeffrey, from a previous relationship.

Gina LuhnowPin

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