Cassius Winston’s Girlfriend Arin Bell

Arin Bell

Meet the lovely Aein Bell; she is the longtime girlfriend of college basketball player Cassius Winston, the talented 6’1″ point guard for the Michigan Spartans at Michigan State University.

Prior to committing to MSU, Cassius played high school basketball at the University of Detroit Jesuit, in Michigan.

The son of Wendi and Reg Winston is pursuing a business degree.

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Cassius and Arin have been dating since they were in high school, CW at Jesuit and Arin at Farmington Hills Mercy.

Back in March 2016, while Winston was playing with the Cubs, he made the bold decision and ask Arin to go to the prom with him, on live television.

Arin who was watching the game at her grandpa’s house, (she was taking care of him since he was recovering from a knee replacement surgery); knew he was going to ask her but was surprised about the timing.

“Started crying, I was a little embarrassed,” she said Sunday. “On Friday he told me he was going to ask me if he won the game. I was like, ‘Oh, don’t do it, Cassius,’ but he did it anyway.”

“I thought it was going to happen after the game,” she said. “Didn’t know he was going to do it that publicly. It was really nice.”

Arin who is now a student at Michigan State University, also consider going to Ohio State and Michigan, before making her mind about MSU; however Cassius was there, so coming up with MSU was a no-brainer.Arin BellPin

Arin Elizabeth Bell born on January 14, 1998; graduated from Mercy High Farmington Hills and is currently studying economics and Human Resources at Michigan State University.