Elise Pollard NFL Golden Tate’s Girlfriend

Elise Pollard

Meet Elise Pollard, she is the insanely girlfriend of Golden Tate the NFL player with the Detroit Lions. Tate previously played with the Seattle Seahawks. Prior to the NFL, he played college football at Notre Dame.

Like all NFL WAGs, who support their men, Elise Pollard is obviously very supportive of Tate, and has many tweets showing her Lions Love and support. She dis just the same during her man’s years as a Seahawk.

It’s not known how long Tate and Pollard have been together for, but they are one of the hottest couples in the NFL, Golden is known for being humble and the kindest soul and believe me Elise is right behind him!

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Recently Elise has been booking flights to Hong Kong. She is very positive and loves cats, like any other gal also loves shopping but is frugal but don’t hesitate on champagne… She listens to Chris Brown. Her eyelashes are her best asset and people think these are fake. She loves going to the mountain. Once her mum went to the ER because she had a serious injury on her thumb and she was there all the time giving her support.

Let me tell you about Elise Pollard’s biography.

Elise Pollard Golden Tate girlfriend pic

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26-year-old Elise M. Pollard graduated  with a degree in Marketing and sales from the University of Washington.  In October, 2011 Elise joined other Seahawks WAGs at the Seahawks Women Association at their annual charity event along the Children’s Hospital in the fight with cancer.

Elise Pollard

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Ms. Pollard  was a marketing intern at Costco Wholesale in 2009, the year after that she became a marketing and sales intern at Alaska Airlines, Elise Pollard is currently a Business developer at Harvey Nash. Elise and Ashton Meem (Russell Wilson’s ex-wife) are close friends.

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She has made great friends with her arrival to Detroit.


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