Eric Bieniemy’s Wife Mia Bieniemy

Mia Bieniemy

Meet Mrs. Mia Bieniemy; she is the beautiful wife of NFL coach Eric Bieniemy,  former NFL player and current offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. He initially joined the Chiefs in 2013 as their running backs coach, he held the same position with the Minnesota Vikings from 2006 to 2010 and also at UCLA and the University of Colorado his alma mater.

Back in Colorado Bieniemy became known as Scooter; Sleeping with Bieniemy was his nickname while he played in the NFL; running back Adrian Peterson called him the Truth when he coached him while Peterson played with the Vikings.

Eric Bieniemy’s wife knows her husband is an amazing coach, caring father and a loving husband whom she has been blessed to be married to for over a decade.

Mia Bieniemy was born Mia Tonae Maxie on October 28, 1968; together with her husband, they are the proud parents to Eric III, 23, and Elijah, 19.

Eric III, has cerebral palsy, he is confined to a wheelchair, he lives and runs their home. Eric graduated from high school in 2018, his parents are looking out for adult care options.

“He runs the house,” Bieniemy said with a laugh. “And he will continue to run the house.”

“He’s the heart and soul and the nucleus of our family,”Bieniemy said. “He’s the one who makes us go. When he’s feeling good, we’re feeling good. And when he’s not, we’re down. It gives you a whole different perspective on things, on what’s important.”