Hank Steinbrenner’s Ex-wife Joan Hanley Steinbrenner

Joan Hanley Steinbrenner

Meet Joan Hanley Steinbrenner aka Joan Hanley; she is the ex-wife of Hank Steinbrenner, co-owner of the New York Yankees along with his younger brother Hal Steinbrenner. The brothers inherited the reigns of the Yankees following the death of their father George Steinbrenner in 2010.

Joan and Hank Steinbrenner had four children during their years as husband and wife; George Michael Steinbrenner IV, the owner of the IndyCar driving team Harding Steinbrenner Racing,  Julia Steinbrenner Vinas (b. 1991), Jacqueline (b. 1989) and son John (2001).

Joan and Hank tied the knot on February 27, 1988, in Florida; they subsequently divorced in  2004.

Joan was born Joan Ann Hanley on January 12, 1963. She resides in Belleair, Florida.