Jaylen Brown’s Girlfriend Jacqueline Hawileh

Jacqueline Hawileh

This insanely hot lady is Jacqueline Hawileh; according to SportsGossip, she is the girlfriend of NBA player Jaylen Brown, the Marietta, Georgia native is a shooting guard for the Boston Celtics.

He also played college basketball at the University of California and at Wheeler High School prior to college.

What about Jaylen’s rumored girlfriend?

Jacqueline HawilehPin

24-year-old Jacqueline Hawileh was born on September 7, 1994, in Zwolle, Louisiana. She is one of four children born to George Hawileh and Marlo Pugh, Jacquie has two brothers; Jared and Matthew and one sister, Stacey.

She studied at Zwolle High School and Hamilton Christian Academy, before getting into Northwestern State where she worked on a major in criminal justice and was a member of the track & Field Team; according to her Linkedin profile, Ms. Hawileh also attended Temple College in Texas.