Jeannie Grass Coach Augie Garrido’s girlfriend

Jeannie Grass

Jeannie Grass, is the girlfriend of baseball coach Augie Garrido, who was the coach of the Texas Longhorns for nearly two decades. Coach Garrido who replaced Cliff Gustafson in 1996, announced he would now be operating as the special assistant to athletic director Mike Perrin.



Jeannie Grass’ boyfriend was born in Vallejo, California on February 6, 1939, he started playing baseball while attending at Fresno State, after graduating from college he played for the Cleveland Indians for six years in their minor league system before retiring in 1966 to accept a coaching position at Sierra High School in Tollhouse, Calif. that same year, he then joined San Francisco State in 1969 and Cal Poly a year later. Coach Garrido was named Cal State Fullerton’s coach in 1973. After leaving Cal Poly in 1987, became the coach for Illinois Fighting Illini baseball team in 1988; he returned to Cal Poly Fullerton in 1991 and remained there until 1996. Coach Garrido a six-time Coach of the Year recipient joined the Texas Longhorns in 1997.

Augie Garrido father, of Lisa Garrido an avid ballet dancer was married to Tere Garrido. Tere born Teresa Frances Pruitt in August, 1948; records found online suggested that Tere Garrido has been married twice. The other name that she was known as was Teresa Frances Monday, her husband could have been Robert Monday. Augie and Tere married on July 24, 1984, they are no longer together, by the time he was arrested on a DUI charge he was dating a young woman named Jeannie Grass.

52-year-old Jeannie Grass, according to Garrido who said during an interview early this year that he has been dating Ms. Grass for twenty six years, when asked if he was ever going to get married to Jeannie he said..

“All the rules are the same as if we were. We’re satisfied with the way it is for now. It isn’t something that either one of us needs to know we’re with the right person.”