Kait Barber – Rock Climber Ammon McNeely’s Girlfriend

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Meet beautiful Kait Barber she is the girlfriend of rock climber Ammon McNeely. Along with her 43-year-old boyfriend who holds a couple of world records for Speedy Climbing, she participated in a documentary titled “Assault on El Capitan” released on September this year.

Kait also shares the love for the outdoors and rock climbing although her boyfriend, Mcneely’s personal likes include a wide range of extreme practices; including BASE jumping, wingsuiting, skydiving, surfing, skateboarding among others. Her boyfriend had a scare earlier this week when a BASE jump went wrong and he suffered severe injuries to his leg, nearly loosing it. The video of Ammon waiting for help after his accident has gone viral after he is seen calm and collected.


Kait from Oakdale attended California State University, Stanislaus from where she received her BS in Geology.

In 2010 she joined geology professor Robert Rogers for what is considered a breakthrough event for the geosciences in Honduras. The team consisting of Rogers, and two of his students including Kait headed to the Danli region in southeast Honduras for two weeks of geological research.

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After graduation she worked for 8 months as a contract mine geologist at Newmont Mining Corporation’s Twin Creeks Mine. She managed the exploration drill rig surface program, and logged both RC chips and Core.

Her MS thesis is focused on the underground Vista Vein deposit, which is located beneath the Vista Pit at the Twin Creeks Mine. She says:

Goals of the research are to: 1) document precious-metal bearing phases, 2) established the paragenesis ore and gangue mineralogy, 3) assess the temporal and spatial relationship between gold and base metal mineralization, 4) establish the hydrothermal alteration patterns around the deposit, 5) characterize the ore-bearing structures, and 6) assess the spatial and temporal relationship of the gold and base metal mineralization with igneous dikes and the large-tonnage disseminated Carlin-type gold mineralization that was mined in Vista open pit. I am an active member of the Geological Society of Nevada and the Society of Economic Geologists.


Above we can watch a video of the couple’s second ascent of Wings of Steal, the most controversial rock climb in Yosemite National Park.

At the time according to IMDb Kait was only 22-year-old and had only three El Cap ascents on her resume, questioning if she would be the best choice for a partner.

Find Kait on twitter here and on Facebook here.


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