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Meet Leah Harris

Leah Harris is the lovely wife of four-years of NFL player, Chris Harris Jr. Her 26-year-old husband is under the spotlight after admitting defenders aim to Rob Gronkowski’s knees!

The cornerback for the Denver Broncos, was asked during an interview for ESPN, “How do you tackle Rob Gronkowski?” Harris’s answer:

“You gotta hit him low, man — hit him in his knees,” “That’s the best chance you have of hitting him.”

Leah’s husband, was signed by the Broncos as an undrafted free agent on July 27, 2011.

Leah Anatalya Harris is one of those NFL wags that really defend NFL wives. She definitely does not agree with the motion that NFL wags just seat around and do nothing. During an interview with other Bronco’s wives, she said most players including her man, devote a good 12 hours of their day to the sport, leaving the wives to act as single mothers.

Leah Harris also said that when Chris Harris Jr. suffered a torn ACL, she swa for the first time her man’s spirit broken so she had to be really tough and said her adrenaline kicked in and was like ‘No baby, we’re praying, we’re doing this.’


Leah Harris and Chris Harris Jr. tied the knot in 2012. She gave birth to the couple’s first born in 2014. Leah Harris and her hubby welcomed daughter, Aria Harris on Oct. 25. Leah Harris is currently in the sweet wait for baby number 2.

The couple said last October, they already have plans for little Aria, saying they would like her to play basketball.


Leah Harris was born Leah Brown. She and Chris met at bible study as a freshman at Kansas. He waited four years before asking her out. It was after college, that Chris finally sent her an e-mail with his number.

Leah Harris was also a student at KU. She reply by saying, here is my number, you call me. And it worked!

Leah Harris was different from the other girls, while most of the girls her age were out partying, she was in church. The Gazette repots.


When Leah Harris is not busy at home taking care of young Aria, she rattles off the couple’s charity work: Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Chris Harris Foundation and the Chris Harris Student Success Challenge.

Leah Harris and her family reside in Denver during the offseason.

You can find lovely Mrs. Leah Harris on Instagram here.


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