Louise Meanwell/ Louise Neathway: NY Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s Stalker

Louise Meanwell/ Louise Neathway

Meet the woman who went from being NY Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s mistress to his alleged stalker! It is not the first time we hear her name, she is Louise Meanwell (she’s also used the surname Neathway).

The now 38-year-old Louise has been in the life of Cashman for some time now, perhaps since a lot more than we know but back in 2012 she was charged with grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, stalking, and aggravated harassment.

Following the 2012 accusation, Meanwell said the two began seeing each other in April of 2011 and said Cashman had given her $6,200 to help pay for the lease on her apartment which the sports exec called extortion. Apparently once the relationship went sour, Cashman then turned on her to protect his adulterous behavior.


In 2013 things got even weirder, Louise’s mother, Caroline Meanwell filed a lawsuit against Cashman saying, he had committed Louise so no one would find about the affair!

Louise who is a British native and former medical sales worker is the mother of teenage daughter with her ex-husband.


Now in 2014, she’s facing an apartment fraud trial. Some say she was the victim and some see her as a gold digger, what do you think?