Michelle Marie Thompson MLB Tim Tebow’s Stalker

Michelle Marie Thompson 

Meet Michelle Marie Thompson; the Colorado woman accused of stalking former NFL player now MLB player Tim Tebow in  Port St. Lucie last month.

According to reports 36-year-old Michelle Marie Thompson (b. July 22, 1980) from Armada, Colorado; claimed she had a romantic and matrimonial relationship with Tebow when she arrived at the First Data Field spring training complex where the New York Mets were training.

The officer who responded to the call about a female parked in the parking lot found something interesting in Ms. Thompson’s driver’s license.

“I turned it over to look at the DL Class, and noticed a small sticker on the back which read “I (Heart Symbol) Jesus/Tim Tebow.” When asked why she was at the sports complex, she said that she was there to see Tim Tebow,” the report reads.

“When the responding officer asked Thompson if she and Tebow were in a “friendly relationship, a platonic relationship, a romantic relationship or possibly a matrimonial relationship,” Thompson responded, “All of the above.”

On February 26th Michelle Thompson received a trespassing warning by Port St. Lucie police; she ignored it and returned to the sports complex two days later.

“Michelle drove right past security in a blue, 4-door,  2001 Chevy Malibu. She walked towards the Mets Training Field,” a PSL Police supplemental report reads. “I placed Michelle (sic) under arrest for trespassing.”

In addition to her recent arrest, Michelle Marie Thompson has a previously arrest, without conviction in Colorado for indecent exposure.