Nicole Holder NFL/MMA Greg Hardy’s Girlfriend

Nicole Holder

Nicole Holder, former NFL wag and ex-girlfriend of Greg Hardy, former NFL defensive end with the Carolina Panthers who like Ray Rice got himself in a nasty domestic violence mess. Hardy is now trying to make a career in Mixed Martial Arts

Hardy’s ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder claimed Hardy dragged hеr оut оf bеd аnd intо a bathtub, tossed hеr оntо a futon thаt wаѕ covered with rifles, ripped hеr necklace оff аnd threw it in thе toilet. Holder ѕауѕ whеn ѕhе triеd tо retrieve it, hе slammed thе lid оn hеr arm.

“He looked mе in mу eyes аnd hе told mе hе wаѕ gоing tо kill me, I wаѕ ѕо scared I wanted tо die. Whеn hе loosened hiѕ grip slightly, I said, ‘Just dо it. Kill me.” Holder said.

So Guilty

A district judge found Hardy guilty оf assault оn a female аnd threatening tо kill hiѕ ex-girlfriend relating tо a Mау 13 incident аt hiѕ uptown condo. Hе immediately appealed fоr a jury trial, whiсh iѕ scheduled fоr Nov. 17. In North Carolina, аnу defendant convicted оf misdemeanor charges iѕ granted a jury trial uроn appeal.

Thаt trial will nоt occur until November аnd thе Panthers аnd thе NFL аrе waiting fоr thе courts tо deal with it.

So what about Greg Hardy’s GF Nicole Holder? This is what we got.

Nicole Holder bio


Nicole Danielle Holder born March 27, 1990  in Wilmington, NC attended Lake Norman High School and from East Carolina University in 2010, in August, 2015 Nicole finished a summer program at KEDGE Business School in Marseille, France.


Nicole Holder Greg Hardy girlfriend-picture

PinNicole Holder Greg Hardy girlfriend-picsPinNicole Holder Greg Hardy girlfriend picture
Nicole Holder Greg Hardy girlfriend picsPin

Nicole – Lifeguard, Personal assistant & Marketing Associate

Nicole and Greg met in 2013 while she was working as a waitress, but years before that she was a lifeguard at the Ph Pools in Charlotte, after her Baywatch phase in 2005, Nicole became a personal assistant at Easter Seals UCP North Carolina &  Virginia in 2010, and a Marketing Associate with Rekon Intelligence a year after, she is not working anymore in the moment she is a full time student.

She will  graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Operation Management and Supervision from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2016. Nicole was a volunteer fro the Habitat ReStore in 2014, and volunteered at Elevation Church’s program LOVE WEEK Volunteer.

Nicole Holder Greg Hardy girlfriend-pic

PinNicole Holder Greg Hardy girlfriend-picturesPinGreg Hardy girlfriend Nicole Holder photo
Greg Hardy girlfriend Nicole Holder photosPin

In her own words, Nicole Holder talks about  herself..

Currently I am a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington focusing on my degree in Operations Management. My current goals are to gain knowledge of operations management in all aspects as it pertains to my degree, to help further my education and to master the skills necessary to obtain a full time job in the operations management industry upon graduation.

Check Nicole with her attorney leaving court.
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Disturbing photos of Nicole Holder’s injuries were published by Deadspin.

Greg Hardy’s Girlfriend Nicole Holder


Greg Hardy’s Girlfriend Nicole HolderPin

It’s been a year and a half since Greg Hardy attacked Holder. At the time she told a police officer “Nothing is going to happen to him anyways.”

Even though he was convicted of assault, the charges were eventually dismissed on appeal.  He subsequently went on to sing a sweet deal with his current team, the Dallas Cowboys. As for Nicole, you can judge by the painful photos above.

I bet Nicole will be pleased to see Greg Hardy getting his kicked when he face someone his size. Hardy recently said he is not coming back to the NFL, he would rather focus on another sport,  now that he is a MMA fighter.

Let’s hope we don’t have another Jon Jones here. He was arrested on cocaine possession last month.

Not only Hardy has been training, but he will also make his heavyweight debut in 2017.