Nicole Rodrigues: Former Oakland Raiders Cheerleader

Nicole Rodrigues raiderette cheerleader pics


Meet Nicole Rodrigues, a  decade ago she was wearing her NFL cheerleader uniform and cheered for the Oakland Raiders, now she is another former Raiderette and calling  her a liar for suing the NFL.

We all heard the story of former Raiderette Lacy T. who sued her former team over claims she and other Raiderette worked much more than the amount of money they were paid.

Nicole Rodrigues raiderette cheerleader-photoPinNicole Rodrigues raiderette cheerleader-picPinNicole Rodrigues raiderette cheerleader-picturePinNicole Rodrigues raiderette cheerleader-picturesPin

Former NFL cheerleaders Nicole Rodrigues, totally disagrees with Lacy’s claims, saying she has zero complains about how much the team paid her, Nicole was a Raiderette in 2003 and 2004.

What has Nicole Rodrigues been up to since then?

Nicole Rodrigues raiderette cheerleader photosPin

Nicole a San Jose University graduate, former VP of entertainment content at Bender/Helper Impact and development strategist for various technology and entertainment brands, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dolby, Yahoo, MobiTV, Sony Playstation, Dailymotion, eHow, Cracked, and during tenures at Miller PR, Demand Media, and Voce Communications is today the Founder and CEO of NRPR Group.

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