Victor Voronov – Olympic skater Johnny Weir’s Husband



30-year-old Victor Voronov was until recently the better half of three-time US champion, two-time Olympian, and World medalist, NBC Olympic Analyst, Reality TV Star, Recording Artist, Author, Spokesmodel, Entertainer; Johnny Weir.

Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov Weir announced their split in March, but in April, an alleged postnup between the spouses seemed to indicate they were at leasttrying to smooth things over. Now recent reports indicate there is no way back and they are splitting for good!

The figure skater turned broadcaster and his lawyer love are definitely headed for divorce again following at least two alleged altercations between them!


The pair wed Dec. 31, 2011, in a civil ceremony in New York, and sources say they definitely gave it a shot, they went to marriage counseling and they tried but ultimately have failed.

Back in March this year, Voronov reportedly filed a police report about a domestic incident in which he claims that Weir bit him.


Voronov waited until the very last minute to announce his wedding plans.In fact he told his family only a month before the ceremony and his friends found out in People magazine!

He came out to his father first, and said:

I was going to do my dad last because he’s a soviet man, I told him first, he was so supportive, everyone was so supportive so I decided I am going to have fun with this. So I took my best friend to the mall and there was a huge poster of Johnny in makeup and was like, I’m gay and I’m married to that.

Most recent reports of their nasty divorce say, Voronov is suing Johnny for accusing him of attempted rape and contracting an STD! TMZ reports.

victor-voronov-4Voronov graduated from prestigious Georgetown law school in 2008. According to his Linkedin page, he obtained his undergraduate degree at Emory University from 2001-2005, where he was on the Dean’s List. And he speaks three languages: English, Russian and Spanish.

Voronov belongs to the New York City Bar Association and most recently the National LGBT Law Association. Relatives include Nazar Voronov, Sergey Voronov and Yuriy Voronov.

A month after he and Johnny were married an anonymous source, identified only as “Tanrioldu,” accused Voronov of running an investment-banking scam in Atlanta. The detailed accusations, posted on, claim that Voronov, conned friends into giving him money a few years ago, this was before he graduated.

His ripoffreport which says he operated a fraudulent/fake investment company called CIS Capital Holdings from 2007 to 2009. It follows:

His targets were primarily friends, colleagues, former classmates, roommates, and acquaintances. Using the relationship of trust he had acquired with these people, he would con them into believing that he was running a very successful investment company. He would talk about the thousands of dollars each of his ‘investors’ had made in such a short time, and talk about his investment strategies at length (in person or over the phone). He would send his victims to one of his numerous websites, which were filled with fake graphs and performance reports showing companies like KAZ, WBD, MTL. He would also send a fraudulent ‘prospectus’ that detailed the structure of the investment, the type of investments being made, etc. He was very careful not to put any promise of earnings on paper, but would do so at length over the phone or in person. Promises of 25-50% returns in a few months, for example.

The lengthy report ends with

Be warned if you come in contact with Victor Voronov: he is very intelligent and social. He knows how to charm people and befriend them easily. He easily gains the trust of those around him, and then takes advantage of them.

Is that what happened to Weir? Either way these two seem to be better apart, Find Voronov on Facebook here.


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