Oracene Price- Serena Williams’ Mother [PHOTOS]

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Serena Williams is trying to bring the US Open title home, and she has some great supports by her side, her boyfriend, sister Venus, dad Richard and certainly her most loyal fan, her amazing mother Oracene Price.

61-year-old Oracene D. Price was born on April 3rd, 1952 in Signaw, Michigan to an automotive worker. Oracene graduated in 1970 from Buena Vista High School and then attended Western University.

Mrs. Price got married to Yusef Rasheed father of her three eldest daughters, Yetunde Hawanya Tara Price a registered nurse and beauty salon owner, mother of three beautiful children, on September 14, 2003 31-year-old Yetunde  31 was riding in a car with her boyfriend behind the wheel and was fatally shot in the head, it was later reported that her boyfriend was the intended target.

Oracene and Yusef had two more daughters  Isha Price born on February 18, 1975 Isha is an attorney in Washington and her youngest sister a web designer in Washington  Lyndrea was born on March 21, 1978.

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Mr. Rasheed died in 1979, while Oracene was working as a nurse, around that same time she met Richard Williams a tennis coach who divorce his wife Betty Johnson six years earlier, he and Johnson had three sons and two daughters during their 8-year marriage.

Oracene and Mr. Williams got married and together they had two more daughters Venus born on June 17, 1980 and Serena born on September 26, 1981. As their two youngest daughter grew they began to get them interested in tennis, Oracene helped coaching her daughters with her hubby, and when coach Rick Macci offer to coach the girls for free if they agreed to move to Florida, they didn’t hesitate.

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Serena’s parents separated by the end of 2000, they filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and their divorce was finalized by 2002 and she changed her name from Orcene Williams to Oracene Price, she continue to be friends with her ex-husband.

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