Rachael Kimack NFL Tyler Eifert’s girlfriend

Meet Rachael Kimack

Rachael Kimack is the lovely girlfriend of NFL player, Tyler Eifert. Her 25-year-old boyfriend is currently a tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Notre Dame graduate took by storm the 2015 season becoming the breakout star of the Cincinnati Bengals. Though it was said Tyler was the Steelers worst nightmare, The Bengals lost in last night’s game to their rival.

Luckily for Eifert, we are sure his pretty girlfriend will have some comforting words for him.

Lovely Rachael is a former athlete herself, so she definitely knows a couple of things about being competitive. Rachael Kimack went to Bishop Chatard High School, where she played basketball and ran the track. She was an Indianapolis Star three-time all city player while in high school.

Rachael Kimack attended Purdue University where she excelled as a soccer player for the school, according to her official profile.

She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Health and Kinesiology. According to  her LinkedIn, she is a medical professional working in the Cincinnati area. She work consists of connecting with surgeons and hospitals, and servicing and installing equipment in the field of endoscopy.

As you may think, the couple didn’t meet while attending college, tough Tyler was offered a deal with Purdue, he chose Notre Dame instead.

However, it was Eifert’s father, Greg, who did went to Purdue and became a a basketball star for the school.


Rachael Kimack was born July 31. has two brothers, Joey and Alex; and two sisters, Nikki and Jenna. Her parents, Dave and Nancee Kimack, own and operate an Auto Lab franchise in Avon, Indiana.

Tyler was a first-round draft choice from 2013. He missed most of the 2014 season due to injuries. According to his bio, he is widely noted by coaches, scouts and analysts for his ability to time jumps and win contested balls.

Rachael Kimack and Tyler are believed to have started dating earlier last year. Don’t they make one heck of a good looking couple! What’s even better, their kids will definitely be sports quality!

You can find lovely Rachael Kimack on Twitter here and on Facebook here.


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