Ramtin Abdo is Kate Abdo’s Husband

Ramtin Abdo

Ramtin Abdo is the husband of Kate Abdo the hot English reporter and Ballon d’Or presenter who I am sure we all are anxious to know more. Who is Kate Abdo, her studies, working experience and more importantly who is Kate Abdo’s husband Ramtin Abdo?  Any children? Scandals? Affairs and much more in the story below.

Who is Sky Kate Abdo's Husband/ Boyfriend

Ramtin Abdo’s pretty wife Kate Abdo was born Kate Giles in Manchester, England on Deptember 8, 1981 to a Liverpool and Manchester fan parents, she also has one brother. Kate is also known as Kate Abdolmajid. She graduated with a first-class BA (Hons) in European Languages (Spanish, French, German) from the University of Salford. and a degree in journalism for the University of Malaga in Spain.

Who is Sky Kate Abdo's Husband/ Boyfriend?


Before Fox and Sky Sports came to her path, Kate Abdo wrote and presented “World Sport” show in London and out of Atlanta-as well as reported for CNN en Español, Kate joined CNN in July, 2009 and left in 2011 and Sky Deutschland and Sky SportsNews HD TV Channel in December, 2011, Kate was Head of a team of 14 anchors and the face of Sky Sport News HD. Was taken on to help set up and launch the channe, she left in October, 2013, and joined `Sky Sports in the UK and Fox Sports in the U.S in December, 2015.

In 2005, long before Sky and CNN, Kate Abdo was an intern in the Foreign Languages Editorial Department. Translation and adaptation of news and business news stories from German and Spanish for the English language news bulletin. Planning and assigning of coverage for the English newscast for Deutsche Welle who in September, 2006 named Kate their Sports anchor in English and Spanish as well as wrote for Dw-TV’s weekly Bundesliga Show’s Kick Off.

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Then in September, 2006 she was a production assistant for the Bundesliga’s show Goal!, besides working together with the production team, Abdo oversaw the production of the reports for the Spanish version of the show.

Ramtin Abdo’s wife Kate and her multi language skills helped her at the 2015 Ballon D’Or ceremony where she talked with other presenters and guest in four languages. She will be doing the same this year along James Nesbitt who is co-hosting with her the 2016 Ballon D’Or in Zurich.

Many people wonder if a pretty woman as Kate Abdo is single or not, she is indeed utterly hot, smart and outgoing, the guy holding her heart is for sure one lucky fella, but who is Kate Abdo’s other half?

  Ramtin Abdolmajid Kate Abdo


Ramtin Abdo is the lucky fella married to Kate Abdo, who was known as Kate Giles before getting married to this handsome man in 2010, Ramtin Abdo a German real estate businessman born and raise in Berlin was the reason Kate’s decided to move to Germany.

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