Peggy Lewis NFL coach Marvin Lewis’ wife

Meet Peggy Lewis

Peggy Lewis is the lovely wife of NFL coach, Marvin Lewis. Her 57-year-old husband is currently the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. He is one of few NFL coaches with the longest tenures.

His team will be going up against the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight in the NFL Wild Card Round.

Marvin Lewis has been the Bengals head coach for the past 13 seasons.He has led his team to the postseason in five of the last six years, including four straight. The Bengals are one of only four NFL teams to reach the playoffs every year from 2011-14, and they are one of only five teams to have qualified in at least five of the last six seasons.

According to, since the 1970 merger, Lewis and Steelers Hall of Famer Chuck Noll are the only head coaches to last 12 consecutive seasons in one organization without a Super Bowl appearance. Whereas Noll’s four Lombardi Trophies in the 1970s provided bulletproof job security, Lewis shares the worst playoff record (0-6) in NFL history.

To Lewis’ credit, he has managed to compile a 100-96-2 record, which stands in stark contrast to the combined 55-149 (.270) mark for all other Bengals coaches under Brown.

Peggy Lewis and her hubby have been together for quite some time. She is the mother of the couple’s two children. Daughter Whitney and son, Marcus. Given the time the family has been living in Cincinnati, the family is quite attached to the Bengals. Both their kids are big fans.

Peggy Lewis hasn’t had to move for more than a decade, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been through the moving process just like any other football coach wife has. Peggy Lewis and Marvin Lewis have been together since the early 80’s. At the time Marvin was a linebacker coach for Idaho State.


According to playerwives, from Idaho they left and moved to LA, where Lewis was assistant coach at Long Beach State until 1986. It was in 1992 when her man jumped from the college ranks and onto the big scene, as the linebackers coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Peggy Lewis and Marvin also lived in Kansas City and San Francisco while Marvin did some internships. The couple also lived in Baltimore before arriving to Cincinnati.

When she’s not busy at home, Peggy Lewis spends her time involved in the Marvin Lewis Community Fund.


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