Rachel Bradshaw Bironas: NFL kicker Rob Bironas’ wife

Rachel Bradshaw Bironas

Terrible news hit us today when we heard that Rob Bironas a former NFL kicker who played with the Tennessee Titans was killed in a horrible car crash n September 20, Bironas recently got married to Terry Bradshaw’s daughter Rachel Bradshaw; is about her that we are going to tell you a few things about.

Rоb Bironas born James Robert Douglas Bironas on January 29, 1978, in Louisville, Kentucky, a former Trinity High School graduate and Auburn University student wаѕ signed bу thе Green Bay Packers аѕ аn undrafted free agent in 2002. Hе played college football fоr Auburn University аnd Georgia Southern University.

Bironas wаѕ аn All-Pro аnd Prо Bowl selection in 2007. Hе wаѕ a member оf thе Charleston Swamp Foxes, Carolina Cobras, Nеw York Dragons аnd Tennessee Titans. Rob died tragically in a car crash at about 11 p.m on September 20th. when he lost control оf thе SUV hе wаѕ driving аnd swerved оff thе road, hitting ѕеvеrаl trees аnd turning thе vehicle upside down. Hе wаѕ transported tо Vanderbilt University Medical Center but wаѕ pronounced dead оn arrival. Bironas was 36.

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Rob Bironas was married to Terry Bradshaw’s daughter Rachel, his father-in-law will not be on FOX NFL Sunday.

“Terry will not be on today’s edition of FOX NFL Sunday. He flew home to take care of his family,


Rachel Bradshaw is the second daughter born to Terry and his third wife, family attorney Charla Hopkins, they got married in 1983 and divorced in 1999. Terry as we all know got married for the fourth time on July 8th, 2014 to his longtime girlfriend Tammy.

Rachel’s sister Erin graduated from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, she shows quarter horses and champion paint. Rachel on the other hand chose Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

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A natural-born singer Rachel Bradshaw Bironas appeared in the 2007 television show Nashville, along with Mika Combs, Jeff Allen and Sarah Gunsolus, the show was canceled after two episodes, sadly, but we all enjoyed watching Rachel!!

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Rachel Terry Bradshaw Hopkins was born in Texas; she graduated from high school in 2006, but the music bug had already bit her, so…. she headed to Music City and continued her passion for country music.

While she attending Belmont, Rachel met Jerrod Niemann, their renowned songwriter with whom she co-wrote “What Do You Want,”

“I will always embrace my name and where I came from, but I want to step out of my father’s shadow and make a name for myself,” says Rachel.


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Rachel Bradshaw Bironas Ron Bironas wife picPinRachel Bradshaw Bironas Ron Bironas wife picsPinRachel Bradshaw Bironas Ron Bironas wife photosPin

Rob and Rachel announced their engagement on November 24, 2013. He spoke to TMZ about their beautiful proposal; certainly, prior to popping the question, he asked Terry for his blessing.

“The truth is,” Rob Bironas told tmz.com, “I knew I was going to marry Rachel when I first met her. It was a waiting game. I bought her ring six months earlier and had it sitting in a safe and I couldn’t wait to put it on her finger.”

Rachel became Rachel Bradshaw Bironas on June 28, 2014, at the Luxury Resort in Dallas, Texas.

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Rachel Bradshaw Bironas Ron Bironas wedding picPin
Rachel Bradshaw Bironas Ron Bironas wedding picsPinRachel Bradshaw Bironas Ron Bironas wedding picturePin

Finding Love Again

Years passed before Rachel decided to open her heart once again, but luckily for Austin Pennington,  she opened hers to him.

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Sadly, that didn’t work out.

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That breakup however workout pretty well for Dustin Hughes, who we all met in The Bradshaw Bunch, but who looks like isn’t dating her anymore.

Dustin originally from Lindsay, Texas studied at the University of North Texas and Lindsay High School before that. He is currently the Director of the Southwest Region at Convergenz.

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Not only Dustin is engaged to Erika Goode, but they are expecting their first child together.

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Goode is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Medical City Arlington.

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