Sunny Garcia’s Ex-Wife Colleen McCullough

 Colleen McCullough

Meet Colleen McCullough; she is the beautiful ex-wife of Surfing Legend Sunny Garcia’s Wife Colleen McCullough Vincent Sunny Garcia. Sunny, the Hawaiian professional surfer ranked 1st on the ASP World 2000 Tour, is in critical condition after being found unconscious at his home in Oregon.

Firstly you should know that prior to Colleen, Sunny married Anela and subsequently Raina.

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The lovely Lehua Anela Chung (b. 15 March 1971) is the proud momma of his three amazing children Kaila, Logan and Stone.

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Logan is dating MMA fighter Lowen Tynanes. Beautician Kaila Garcia now Toettu and her hubby Antonio Toetuu have two beautiful children together; son Sunny and daughter Tia.

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Stone is an avid surfer, traveler and extremely close to Sunny.

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After Angela he married wife number two  Raina Garcia (nee.Cabell), they were married in early 2000, divorced around 2007.

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It is unknown why or when exactly Colleen and Sunny divorced; but by September 13, 2018, she and Dylan Crouse tied the knot. They welcomed their son Waylon in December that same year.

Colleen Pearl Mccullough now Colleen Crouse was born on August 7, 1979; she resides in Laguna Beach, California. She has one older sister from a previous marriage Kyla.Colleen McCullough

In 2008, he married Colleen McCollough.


Moreover, Colleen and Sunny met We met at Dr. G’s office in Costa Mesa, Cali, in the summer of 2006; furthermore, they made their relationship public on July 24, 2007, tied the knot a year later.