Tatjana Maria Husband Charles Edouard Maria

Meet Charles Edouard Maria, he is the loving husband of German professional tennis player Tatjana Maria, since she turned pro in 2001, Maria has two single career titles, four in doubles. Tatjana Maria reaches her best singles ranking of world #46 on November 6, 2017; her current ranking is #103, which she reached on June 27, 2022.


Tatjana Maria Germany

Tatjana Maria was born Tatjana Malek on August 8, 1987, in Bad Saulgau, Germany; her hometown is located in the hills of Wagenhart, near Atzenberger Hoje, between Lake Constance and the Danube.

Other famous people born in Tatjana Maria’s Bad Sailgau are soccer players Stefan Buck, Franz Michelberger, Fabian Gerster, Olympic swimmer Isabelle Harle and economist Erik Lehmann.

Tatjana Maria Height

Talented Tatjana Maria stands at 5’5 or 1.72 m; her weight is 62 kg. or 137 lb.

  • Weight: 62 kg. 137 lb.
  • Height: 5’5 / 1.72 m.
  • DOB: August 8, 1987.
  • Hometown: Bad Saulgau, Germany 
  • Parents: Margit and Heinrich Malek.
  • Siblings: Brothers Matthias and Danil Malek.
  • Husband: Charles-Edouard Maria
  • Children: 2 daughters, Charlotte and Cecilia.

Tatjana Maria Parents

Tatjana Maria is the daughter of retired Polish handball player Heinrich Malek, who originally comes from Zabrze, in Silesiam in the south of Poland. Mr. Malek sadly has passed away.

Margit Malek

Maria’ momma, Margit Malek was born in Graz, Uastria. She studied PH Weingarten from where she graduated in 1986 and in 1989 Margit graduated from the Seminar Meckenbeuren. She has been an educator  since1989, Margit Malek currently is a professor at Berta Hummel School.

Tatjana Maria Brothers

As noted, Tatjana Maria has two brothers Matthias and Daniel Malek.

Charles Edouard Maria 1 - Tatjana Maria Husband Charles Edouard Maria
Mattias Malek

Matthias Malek is a senior account manager at DANLIN Media GmbH in Bad Saulgau. Danil Malek, currently married to his beautiful wife Aylin, is the manager and owner of DANLIN Media GmbH.

Charles Edouard Maria 1 - Tatjana Maria Husband Charles Edouard Maria
Daniel Malek

Tatjana Maria Husband

Charles Edouard Maria 2 - Tatjana Maria Husband Charles Edouard Maria

German tennis player Tatjana Maria’s husband is Charles Edouard Maria; they got married on April 8, 2013. Charles and Tatjana Maria have since welcomed two daughters, Charlotte born in 2013 and Cecilia born in 2021.

Charles Edouard Maria

Charles Edouard Maria 3 - Tatjana Maria Husband Charles Edouard Maria

France-born Charles-Edouard Maria is not only Tatjana Maria’s husband, but he is also her coach. 6’1 Charles Edouard Maria was born on May 18, 1974, in Haguenau France; he studied at the school of Roses and the Institution Sainte-Philomène. He started playing when he was six, and competing by the time he was 15, subsequently turned pro in 1998.

Charles was 18 when he missed a plane that crashed and which his parents thought he was at.

The right-handed player won the 2002 Dominican Republican F11 championship, he retired a year later after losing a match to Haut-Rhin Jérôme Haehnel in February; before turning into a coach, he played tennis, and reached his highest singles ranking of world #398 on March 2, 2001. After his retirement, he made the decision to move to the U.S and started coaching.

“When I stopped playing, I trained girls from the top 50 to the top 10.”

Charles Edouard Maria was coaching young girls that he eventually met his wife Tatjana in the summer of 2011.

Charles Edouard Maria 4 - Tatjana Maria Husband Charles Edouard Maria

Charles Edouard Maria and Tatjana welcomed their first daughter Charlotte born on December 20, 2013; their second daughter Cecilia was born on April 2, 2021. Their eldest Charlotte Maria is following in her parents’ footsteps, she is becoming a promising tennis player!!

You can find Tatjana Maria on Instagram, where she posts regularly to her  39.7 k followers.

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