Tatum Coffey Christian Hackenberg’s Girlfriend

Tatum Coffey

Tatum Coffey is the pretty girlfriend of Christian Hackenberg the young quarterback out of Penn State, he declared for the 2016 NFL Draft early in January, 2016, it is possible Hackenberg will be joining the Buffalo Bills, which means the Bills will welcome a new NFL Wag into their arms, so shall we get to know Christian Hackenberg s girl Tatum Coffey?

Christian Hackenberg was born February 14, 1995 in Palmyra, Virginia the eldest son of former Lehigh volleyball player Nicole and former football player at Susquehanna and the university of Virginia, Erick Hackenberg, Christian has three younger brothers, Brandon, Adam and Drue. Christian attended at Fork Union Military Academy and then enrolled at the College of Communications.


Tatum Coffey


His girlfriend is Tatum Coffey, who graduated from Penn State with a BS in broadcast journalism and a minor in business, while at Penn State, Tatum was part of the varsity team that won the tournament championship in 2015, and a midfielder player with the USA Women’s Lacrosse National Team.

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Tatum’s career as a reporter started at Penn State where she was an anchor, reporter and host of Penn State Network TV, she also worked as host at ComRadio; since June 2014, Tatum has been creative services inter at ESPN, she continues to work as sideline reporter for BTN.com and t he Centre County Report.

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