Tera Wiley Reece NFL Marcel Reece’s Wife

Tera Wiley Reece

Tera Wiley Reece is the stunning wife of Marcel Reece, the fullback player for the Seattle Seahawks. He previously played with the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins. Prior to that, he played for the Washington Huskies football at the University of Washington.

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Pretty Tera Wiley also known as Tera Reece is one of the children born to her incredible parent Raymond “Ray” and Tamara Wiley of Ripon, California. Mrs. Reece was born Tera Joy Wiley in 1983.

Marcel and Tera got married on June 19, 2008 at the Los Angeles Theatre. They have daughter Mercy Joy and son Marcel Marek Reece; ages two and one respectively.


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