Vanity Alpough Perkins is NBA Player Kendrick Perkins’ Wife

Vanity Alpough Perkins  Kendrick Perkins wife


Meet the gorgeous Vanity Perkins, also known as Vanity Alpough, she  the beloved wife of the NBA center player with the Oklahoma City Thunder Kendrick Perkins, with whom she has a handsome son. Want hear the rest? Check her story below.

Vanity Alpough Perkins  Kendrick Perkins wife-picture


28-year-old Vanity Alpough Perkins was born on July 7th, 1985 in Texas. Vanity graduated in 2003 from  Memorial High School in Port Arthur in Texas and then  attended Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Vanity and Kendrick met when they were very young and dated for what it seems like an eternity, until they finally decided to get married. Vanity who gave birth to their beautiful son Kendrick Perkins II on Monday, September 10, 2007 was ecstatic about marrying the love of her life.

kendrick-perkins-wife-vanity-alpough-perkins weddingPinkendrick-perkins-wife-vanity-alpough-perkins wedding-picture

Pinkendrick-perkins-wife-vanity-alpough-perkins wedding-picPinkendrick-perkins-wife-vanity-alpough-perkins wedding-pictures

They  tied the knot on July 25, 2009 at the Carlton Woods Country Club in Woodlands, Texas, where over 250  including his close friend and teammates Rajon Rondo, Stephen Jackson and Patrick O’Bryant who also were his groomsmen witnesses the romantic ceremony. Vanity gave birth to her youngest little prince Kenxton on October 10, 2011.

Kendrick Perkins II Vanity PerkinsPinKenxton Perkins Vanity Perkins


Early this Vanity Kendrick getting into a fight at a salon with Trang Nguyen the nail tech who is can be seen in the video arguing with Vanity at the salon located Northwest 138th Street. Both women are pointing their finger at their faces,  but only Nguyen can be seen pushing Vanity Perkins’ hand out of her face.

“I ran out there, and I was like, ‘Well, you cannot talk to me like that,’” said Trang Nguyen. “And, of course, we are pointing at each other. She pointed at my face, and I pointed at her — but I never touched a hand on her or anything.”

According to Vanity Perkins, people only got to see the part of the video when she had enough, but didn’t see what lead to the altercation.

Wow Oklahoma that’s news for y’all me not liking a nail polish really I don’t even where nail polish check my photos….show the whole video

The nail salon showed only part if the video when I have had enough they didn’t show the beginning….


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