Wally Szczerbiak’s Wife Shannon Szczerbiak

Shannon Szczerbiak 

Meet Shannon Szczerbiak; she is the beautiful wife of Wally Szczerbiak. Her hubby is the former Spanish basketball player, who played with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Boston Celtics, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Prior to the NBA, Wally played college basketball with the Miami RedHawks men’s basketball at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Wally  Szczerbiak Wife

Surely you all know everything about Wally Szczerbiak’s career, so we are not going to talk about that, instead, let’s check 5 interesting facts about his pretty wife.

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  • Mrs. Szczerbiak formerly known as Shannon Elizabeth Ward was born on April 4, 1977.

Shannon Szczerbiak Pin

  • She met her husband while they attended a freshman orientation group at Miami University.

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  • Once described as an Ohio farm girl/model married Wally on July 1st, 2000.
  • Shannon and Wally have five children together; Annabella Rose, 18, Amberly Roseanna, 16, Maximus Jack, 13, Savanna Blue, 7, and Xavier Wynn born in 2016.

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  • She once was a Marketing Intern at Honeywell specialty materials.

Shannon Szczerbiak Social Media

Shannon Szczerbiak Pin

Shannon Szczerbiak is pretty active on social media, mostly on Instagram where her 1,013 followers can take a sneak peek at her life, her children, mother Joan Ward, and her siblings, Shannon has 4 brothers and two sisters, her dad passed away in 1985. You can also check out Shannon on Facebook.